Saumur is one of the Loire’s biggest co-operative vineyards- the vines here are twenty years old. Once it has been bottled the wine is kept in tunnels 25 metres underground to settle before being released. This wine is splendidly fresh, fruity and crisp with a lovely grapefruit zestiness, tempered by a subtle honeyed sweetness.

Les Andides is made with Chenin Blanc grape, often underrated in an era when the more assertive Sauvignon reigns supreme, but Chenin is quite the equal in terms of its lively acidity and the gorgeous honeyed character that can develop.

Les Nivières (red) is a delicious fresh Cabernet Franc made in close proximity to the fabulous and famous Châteaux de Saumur. A supple, berry-fruit laden, medium-bodied wine, which is perfect with cold meats and goat’s cheese. Exclusive to Waitrose.

En Stock : Les Andides (Blanc) et Les Nivières (Rouge)

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